Mix of the Week: Prince of Denmark – Live at Planet Uterus

I haven’t even had a chance to listen to this yet, but knowing the Prince of Denmark, it’s going to be quality (also not sure what the concept behind Planet Uterus is).

Track of the Week: Jan Woo – Whyfor

I know nothing of the artist, only that the trick is sick. Groovy and melodic techno. Great vibes.

Mix of the Week: The Bunker New York by Bryan Kasenic

A mix to make New York proud! The Bunker’s Bryan Kasenic has put together a beautiful selection of tracks, including many forthcoming Bunker releases. Can’t wait!

Best New Album: SHXCXCHCXSH – Linear S Decoded

It’s been way too long since I properly reviewed an entire album. That’s not to say I haven’t been listening to any albums worth posting, just that it’s becoming harder and harder to find the actual time to write. Well, here’s an album worth breaking my silence for.

SHXCXCHCXSH (an unpronounceable name that sounds like noise or a drum pattern when sounded out) are an anonymous duo hailing from Sweden. Known for blurring the lines between techno, experimental, and industrial, SHXCXCHCXSH have released their finest work yet. As RA mentions:

The LP jumps from noisy abrasion to melodic sweetness and back again, all with a determinedly off-kilter slant. The tracks even have intelligible names this time (though we’re still not sure what they’re supposed to mean).

Linear S Decoded is a warm yet abstract journey, finding harmony in blending just the right amount of noise, distortion, 4/4 kicks, ambiance and melody. It’s much softer than previous releases, though far more impactful.

1. Entering the S-Cloud
2. Drain This Lord
3. Wadin Guise
4. The Roots
5. Elocution
6. Helical Dialog
7. The Under Shore
8. The Repelling of the Quantitive Invasion
9. A Sunny Day in Ostrogothia
10. Rudimental Retreat
11. This Hmming Raverie
12. Sub Mission – The Atlantic Vision
13. Monolithic Conclusion

Throwback Thursday: mnml ssgs Mix 11 – Silent Servant [2008]

I’m not sure if 2008 qualifies for a throwback just yet, but we can make an exception as this mix is just too damn good. Recorded back in 2008 before I had any idea who Silent Servant or Sandwell District were, this mix is just as relevant 6 years later – instantly bringing my back to memories of train stations and hangovers.

Robert Hood – And Then We Planned Our Escape [Music Man]
Dmo – Movement [Ctrl.]
Sleeparchive – QCD [Sleeparchive]
Stewart Walker – 10 Years Of Anger [Force Inc. Music Works]
Jonas Bering – Untitled
Bandulu – Foundation Soundworks
Ignacio – Organa [Music Man]
Damon Wild – Unconditional [Synewave]
Function – Disaffected [Sandwell District]
Norman – Greenroom [Synewave]
G-Man – Defo [i220]
Regis – Gayscene
Marcel Dettmann – Lattice [Marcel Dettmann]
Silver & Kash – Vortex [Generations]
CH-Signal Laboratories (8003 Lucerne) – Scale 1 [Sandwell District]
Basic Channel – Q1.1/3 [Basic Channel]
Tronikhouse – Smooth Groove [KMS]
Sounders Department- Cosmopolitan (Mix 2) [Sounders Dept.]
Shed – Wax 10001-A [Wax]
Function – Reykjavik [Sandwell District]
Millsart (Jeff Mills) – Gamma Player [Axis]
Planetary Assault Systems – Kat [Mote-Evolver]
Silent Servant – Doom Deferred [Sandwell District]
Stewart Walker – Japanese Maple [Tresor]

Track of the Week: Mike Huckaby – Flashbacks From The M1 (The Ferox Treatment)

First heard in Tin Man’s amazing Smoke Machine Podcast. Such a grooving warehouse banger. Makes me wish we were a good amount closer to the weekend.

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