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Trentemoller’s New Album “Into The Great Wide Yonder” Is Out!!!


I am like an excited little schoolgirl right now and I want the world to know it! Yes, I love Trentemoller. And no, I have never been more excited for an album release. I am posting this as I listen to the album, so more words to come. For now, enjoy:

1. The Mash And The Fury
2. Sycamore Feeling
3. Past The Beginning Of The End
4. Shades of Marble
5. Even Though You’re With Another Girl
6. Haexan
7. Metamorphis
8. Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!!
9. Neverglade
10. Tide

A few words about the album: The Last Resort was a perfect album. Part of its genius, and commercial success, was due to its flexibility. Blending downtempo minimal with “maximal” electro, we got the best of both worlds. “Killer Kat” and “Moan (Trentemoller Remix)” were just as good of mood setters at home as they were club bangers.

However, Into The Great Wide Yonder takes a much different approach: going with a more analog and organic sound. You will (likely) not hear any of these songs in the club.  These songs are too subtle, and require a very focused ear. Because of this, it will not reach nearly as high of a commercial success as his last album, but I can say that it will not disappoint his fans. “The Mash And The Fury” is reminiscent of Trentemoller’s remix of “Moan”, only far more subtle: the first buildup is a tease, and the second just blows you away. “Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!!” sounds like an electro remix of a Dick Dale surf guitar tune. “Past The Beginning Of The End” is an epic melodious journey, taking you to from the depths of the ocean to the highest clouds.

While this album lacks the “wow factor” of his first, I would still give it a 5/5. If you lend it the attention it requires, I think you will hear exactly how incredibly powerful the songs truly are. And in its subtlety, I have found that each replay allows me to discover new sounds, a real factor in determining a timeless album.

New Trentemoller Mix

Anders Trentemoller

Trentemoller is the latest to be featured on XLR8R‘s podcasts. Read, listen and download here (tracklist is posted as well!). I haven’t gotten through the entire thing yet, but it’s sounding great. Very chill, somewhat dark and perfectly melodic. (Stole the photo from XLR8R – just too sexy of a picture not to.)

Edit: The Mikael Simpson “Dubby Lennon (Bootleg)” (track 06) is incredible.

His new album, Into the Great Wide Yonder, is coming out in 2 weeks. Prepare yourselves.

More Tunes: Going Deep

Slam – Maffaking [techno]
Slam – Last Sonic Approach [techno]
Jason Fernandes & Hugo Paixao – Intruder [techno]
Jason Fernandes & Hugo Paixao – Intruder (The Advent & Industrialyzer Remix) [techno]
Jason Fernandes & Hugo Paixao – Code [techno]
Flavio Diaz – Avid [techno]
Alan Fitzpatrick – Face Of Rejection [techno]
Alex Bau – Corrosive Bass [techno]
Jochen Trappe – Organic (Plain Babicz Style) [techno]
Kevin Saunderson – The Human Bond (Claude Vonstroke Rave Recognize Mix) [tech house]
Evil Hinko – Gedankenhochsprung (Robert Babicz Remix) [tech house]
Blake Baxter & Marc Romboy – Freakin’ (Robert Babicz Remix) [tech/acid house]
AnGy KoRe – Techno Killer (Matteo Poker Remix) [minimal]

New Mix Out: Concrète

Just finished my latest mix full of awesome Minimal and Techno!

Hope you guys enjoy, and tracklist will be posted soon.

A Wake Up Call For All You Vinyl Snobs

Note: This is not an attack towards vinyl or CDJ users. I am not arguing that digital is better than either. This is for those of you who believe you are above digital DJs because you use vinyl, that a SYNC button is cheating, and that using software is killing the art form.

In 1913, Luigi Russolo wrote a manifesto called L’Arte dei Rumori (The Art of Noises). In this, he developed the fundamental theories of early electronic music: “the musical evolution is paralleled by the multiplication of machines.” From early futurist music to musique concrète to stochastic music to current EDM, all has been dependent upon the advancement of technologies. From the Theremin to the Ondes Martenot to the Minimoog, all have allowed for new sounds and the emergence of new genres.

Without advancements in music, DJing would have never been possible: it is also dependent upon technological advances.

Like with any other art form, advancement is inevitable. Society needs “new”. Look at modern art for example. Sure, you can look at Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain or Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans, and say “anyone can do that.” This may be true, but that’s not the point (not going to get into the discussion of “what is art”). But does Duchamp’s or Warhol’s “lack of technique” discredit their art?  No. It’s not just about technique.

I’m not trying to portray vinyl DJs as classicists and digital DJs as modernists, but attempting to show that it is not the “amount of difficulty or effort” that measures the quality of art. The same goes with DJing.

Yes, the SYNC button has replaced years of practice and fine-tuned listening to the simple action of pushing a single button. And while it may be frustrating for those of you who had to learn the “real” way to see kids obtaining the same results in a matter of hours, this is the way technology works – in nearly every single aspect of our lives.  Ideological conservatism in any realm (here: those who say “vinyl is the best and only real way”) gets us nowhere.

Technological advancements are inevitable. The creation and renewal of electronic music depends on it, as does DJing. Why attempt to work on a stagnating art form?

Some people are absolutely amazing out there on turntables. And if they choose to only use vinyl, that’s fine, that’s their personal choice. But when a vinyl DJ dismisses a software user as a cheater, it’s not only infuriating, but it’s completely wrong. If you decide that certain technologies are not for you, that’s fine, but it’s not your place to decide for others.

More Techno For Your Soul

I’ve been really getting into Roland M. Dill lately. Here’s some great originals and remixes, as well as some other stuff:
Roland M. Dill – Low Go (Secret Cinema “Dusk Till Dawn” Remix)
Roland M. Dill – Retroencabulator
Super Flu – Sunset Handjob (Roland M. Dill Remix)
Minilogue – Space (Roland M. Dill Remix)
Citizen Kain – Joker of the Queen
Citizen Kain – Borderline
Adam Beyer – Dactyl
Tiga – Overtime (Beyer & Dahlback Dub Mix)

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