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Happy Halloween!

Wherever in the world you readers may be, I hope you’re somehow embracing the Halloween spirit! At the very least, make it an excuse to have one hell of  a night (and dress up like a girl if that’s your thing). Don’t do anything too stupid and enjoy yourselves!

Magda Releases Debut Album: From The Fallen Page

I actually started listening to Magda before I had even heard of Richie Hawtin or his M_nus label. I was just getting into Minimal and I somehow stumbled upon a live set of hers. I was hooked. Fast forward 5 years and I have more live sets of hers than any other DJ’s. She defies all stereotypes that “minimal is boring.” Sure, it can be, but Magda has such a distinct ear for rhythm and beat that her sets never stop moving. If you’ve heard her famed She’s A Dancing Machine or Fabric 49 mixes, you’ll see what I’m talking about. Mixes: great, but an album? I was slightly apprehensive when I heard news she’d be releasing a full length album.

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Preview “Enveloped” Off of Max Cooper’s Latest EP

Max Cooper is set to release another EP on Traum November 1st. Via his Soundcloud page, we can hear a lengthy clip of the A2 track “Enveloped.” I’m glad he’s stepping back towards his more emotional sound.

Caribou’s “Sun” Remixed

While Caribou hosted a remix competition via Soundcloud a few months back with over 200 submissions, nothing really impressed me. While the winning remixes sound good (well alright the winner sounds great), nothing really added to the original – they just took certain elements, stripped them down, and ultimately made a more boring version of the original. Sometimes a simple re-edit of an amazing tune is all you can do. And Midland has mastered this with his remix. It’s currently in the top Downloads of XLR8R and really deserves to be. Listen, Download and Read HERE.

Week 1 Radio Show Tracklist

Well if you guys tuned into the inaugural Vly House Radio show, I hope you enjoyed it! I had a lot of fun, despite trying to get my “manly radio voice” down. I hope you can tune in next week. Here’s last night’s tracklist: Read more

The Vly House Is Coming To Radio!

It’s finally happening: I’ve got a radio spot! I’ll be doing a show weekly on WNYU.org Sunday nights (officially Monday mornings) from 1 – 3 AM Eastern Time, USA.

All information regarding anything radio will go up on the RADIO tab on the top menu.

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