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Kenton Slash Demon “Daemon” Music Video

Yes! When I first listened to the previews a few weeks back, I was slightly underwhelmed but kept my reservations to myself in hopes that the shorter clips weren’t doing the songs justice. Well, that’s exactly what has happened. Really enjoying Daemon, it’s sure to be a hit this summer.

Kenton Slash Demon – Daemon from Dark Matters on Vimeo.

Trentemoller Is Back!!! Shades of Marble Remixes!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Overexcited? Understatement. But really, I could not be more happy right now. These remixes totally came out of the blue for me, and what a perfect surprise. Let’s face it, Trentemoller’s “Into The Great Wide Yonder” was good, but it wasn’t great. Sure, I said I gave it 5/5, but I wasn’t being totally honest (sometimes I lie – I am a terrible person). Regardless, the badass that he is, Trentemoller has again remixed his own song. And boy is it good. Trentemoller’s snappy kicks and tight bass that I grew to love in “The Last Resort” are back, mixed with the incredible crescendos of the original melodies of “Shades of Marble“. The breakdown gives me instant goosebumps. Of course, the other remixes are awesome as well. Enjoy the head tingles.

Shades of Marble (Trentemoller Remix)
Shades of Marble (KINK Remix)
Shades of Marble (Kasper Bjorke Remix)

What’s In My Shopping Cart [Part 5]

I think I am going to have to make this “shopping cart” series a temporary thing. Constantly reminding myself just how much money I am dropping on new music every time isn’t the most pleasant of experiences… Grumpiness aside, again I have some tracks worth sharing! And to entertain myself (and maybe you?) I am giving you personalized genre-defying descriptions (feel free to contribute)!


Christian Burkhardt – Stopover Goa [darker synthy rave (ware)house]
Genny G – Chicago Trust [vocal deep house whispered by a lost man]
Chris Finke – Moofish (Mark Broom Remix) [industrial techno played by banging pipes and metal]
Mathew Jonson – Marionette [cute techno that you can’t decide whether is cute or scary]
Actress – Harrier ATTK [space bubble stomping]
KINK – Detunator [lots of ants climbing on a spaceship thinking they are moving it at high speed]
Sasse – On My Mind [trotting with a pompous horse]
Leon – Like This Like That [4AM lose your mind]
Leon – Body Monster [if workout/army coaches threw awesome dance parties and gave bass massages]
John Tejada – Sucre feat. Qzen [sexy but slightly frustrating]
Luis Junior – BG [over-dramatic futuristic 80s high speed chase that’s still super dope]
Benoit & Sergio – Midnight People (Technasia Dub 2) [if only skyscrapers were made entirely of Funktion 1 speakers…]
Johanna Knutsson – Heavy Baby (Minilogue’s Cut For A Cut) [lots of round shapes]
Butch – Amelie [drunk man playing the xylophone]

RA.252 With Marco Carola

Italy’s main techno man is the latest to be featured on RA’s podcasts. Full of deep tunes,  more house than techno I’d say. A perfect remedy for post-weekend (Monday…) fatigue.

Interview, listen and download here at RA.

Old Find: The A to Z of Electronic Music

Back in the old days when I first started this blog on blogger, my first real post was “The A to Z of Electronic Music You Should Know.”  Now that I’m knowledgeable, mature and wise (and everything else that comes with a beard), I will call this “Alphabetized Songs That I Used To Like So Much, But Still Do, Mostly.” Some good gems in here. I hope you enjoy.

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More WhoMadeWho “Every Minute Alone” Remixes

I posted another remix of this song last week, and while a great surprise, just can’t compare with the excitement I had for this release. I first heard the Tale of Us remix in a Seth Troxler Mix, and the anticipation since has been horrible. Finally, it is out. And totally worth the wait.

“Every Minute Alone (Tale of Us Remix)”
“Every Minute Alone (Michael Mayer Remix)”

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