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Best New Music: Robag Wruhme’s “Thora Vukk” LP

After hearing Wruhme’s “Thora Vukk 12″ Edit” on Pampa a few months back, I couldn’t have been more happy to hear the news the he was working on a full LP project. As DJ Koze (head of Pampa) told him: “If you’re in the flow right now, then produce an album!” I am very thankful he said this. 6 months in the making, Thora Vukk combines bright and dark elements into a seamless story.  The more upbeat club tracks are emphasized by their separation. Soundscape “bridges” (brücke in german) force the listener to refocus his/her ear before being lead back into Wruhme’s throbbing basslines.

If you’re already familiar with Wruhme’s work, you’ll find a  mix of comfort and wonder in this album. With the deep and dubby bass lines fighting for space with the higher pitched clankings, the upbeat and smooth melodies come in to create a perfect balance. “Pnom Gobal” is my favorite – it hits me right in the soul. More on the pop side, the warm strings bring me straight up into the clouds. Luckily, the rest of the album keeps me up there.

Wupp Dek
Thora Vukk
Brucke Eins
Bommsen Boff
Brucke Zwei
Pnom Gobal
Brucke Drei
Tulpa Ovi
Brucke Vier
Prognosen Bomm
Brucke Funf

Kenton Slash Demon Podcast Download

Normally I’d try not to post so much on a single duo, but these guys really are exploding right now. I never cease to be impressed by their work. My brother sent me a link to this mix a few days ago, and of course, it’s awesome. It’s part of Trace a Line‘s podcast series (a French blog I had never heard of, but is definitely worth checking out).

Listen and download HERE.

Some gems off the tracklist:
Arp 101 – Korg A Tron
Joe Goddard – Apple Bobbing (Four Tet Remix)
Burial – Street Halo
Golden Girls – Kinetic (Lone Remix) [Free Download!]

WhoMadeWho’s “Knee Deep” Released!

It’s about time! I’ve really been waiting for this release for too long – but it’s totally been worth it. With all the positive reviews that have already come out for them, I’m not sure what insight I could offer. The album sounds familiar and comfortable at first (analogue electro rock), but the subtle builds and drops and Thomas Hoffding’s falsetto voice add a whole new and unexpected dimension to the tunes. Really loving it! Try to catch them live if you can.

Full track links will come when they are up, for now preview HERE.

There’s An Answer
Every Minute Alone
All That I Am
Nothing Has Changed
Two Feet Off Ground
We’re Alive, It’s A Miracle

WhoMadeWho’s “Every Minute Alone” Music Video

I just saw WhoMadeWho‘s music video for the original “Every Minute Alone.” Can’t wait to hear the entire album!

WhoMadeWho – Every Minute Alone from Kompakt Records on Vimeo.

Because It’s Spring Break!


Because being stuck in a pool with a bunch of dudes is awesome.


OK jokes aside, it’s spring break for us Frenchies over here. Party time (If you’re not on spring break and still reading this, I apologize. Just read it tomorrow and replace every “spring break” with “the weekend, yeah!”). Here are some tunes that will help you throughout your travels and get you pumped for partying.

Seth Troxler & Agoria – Souless Dreamer
Scalde & Agoria – Little Shaman
Ripperton – Leonor’s Laguno
Dinky – Polvo
Isolée – Celeste
Isolée – Hold On
Norm Talley – Cosmic Waves (XDB Remix)
XDB – Sense
Steffi – Manic Moods

Party Time!
Maceo Plex – Your Style (Maceo Plex Re-Visit)
Paco Osuna & Alex Under – WaAaAa
Marc DePulse – Hatliner
KINK – Existence
Timo Maas – Kick 1 Kick 3 (Maetrik Sexy Remix)
Josh Wink – Minimum 23 (Agoria Remix)
Sun H – Aya
Pig & Dan – Detonate (Sharam’s Crazi Remix)
MiniCoolBoyz – Radiology
Dexter – 1992 (Instrumental Version)

Max Cooper’s “Metaphysical” EP Released

And yet another solid Max Cooper EP! However much I am enjoying though, I must admit that if Max doesn’t change up his sound sometime soon, I’m going to get bored (sorry Max). That said, soon has not yet arrived and I am still enjoying the tunes. And the remixes are definitely fresh!

Gravity’s Rainbow
Heresy (Dosem Remix)
Heresy (Matthys Remix)

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