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Kai’s Radio Guest Mix is Finally Up!

We flew our guest all the way from Cologne for this show of The Vly House radio. An awesome upbeat mix that will keep you warm even if winter is starting to get chilly. Thanks Kai!

Mueller & Mitch – Careless
Ada – Maps (Michael Mayer & Tobias Thomas Remix)
Gabriel Ananda – Smash (Live)
Raucherecke – Papierfabrik
Jurgen Paape – So Weit Wie Noch Nie
David Hassert – Another Day
Robert Babicz – Don’t Look Back
Hufschlag & Braun Feat. Marian Mueller – Schizophren
Coma – Playground Altona

Live Update: Losing It At The Library

I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve become a terrible procrastinator or that I’ve spent way too much time at the library over the past few days. Or both. But I’ve developed quite the bad habit of watching YouTube videos of other people having fun while I sit behind my computer, knowing I should be working on my 15 page research paper. Or maybe it’s the only way to stay sane after trying to block out constant sniffles and mouth noises for 5 hours straight. Last week it was watching people rolling their asses off at some warehouse, then Junior Vasquez at Soundfactory back in ’93, and now it’s Burning Man. Enjoy, from wherever you may be.

Birthday Bash on The Vly House Radio!

Hello everybody. My 22nd birthday is tomorrow and I’ll be celebrating on air. I’ve been pulling together a bunch of my favorite records and I’d love it if you could tune in and join me. It’s going to be a good time.

Tuesday night: 10PM – 12AM Pacific / 1AM – 3AM Eastern at WNYU.org or through iTunes Radio (College/University).

I Love Robag Wruhme

Last night I saw DJ Koze and Robag Wruhme at Blkmarket Membership. I had seen both play before in Paris, but it was unfortunately at Social Club (a club for the most part full of underage “socialites” who are more concerned with their bottle service than the music). I enjoyed the music, but part of Robag’s appeal is creating a really personal connection with the dance floor. That’s what made seeing him last night so fulfilling. The location was great, the crowd was awesome and the tunes were incredible.

He came on at 5AM after Koze. Robag’s like the jolly Santa Claus of DJs. Music aside, there’s just something deeply satisfying about watching him hop around to his favorite songs sipping on champagne from the bottle (which he passed to my brother at one point). And yes, he does put the bottle on the spinning turntable. I guess it’s just great to witness someone so profoundly content with what they do. It’s impossible for that smile to not rub off on you! Combine his joy with the energy of the music and I guarantee you no other dance floor in the world can compare! Thanks for the great night. Photo cred to my brother and his unfortunately low res phone.

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