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Track of the Week: Catz ‘N Dogz


Catz ‘N Dogz – They Frontin’ feat. Monty Luke

Skudge Live at Berghain

Swedish techno duo Skudge graced the dancefloor of Berghain last month. Luckily for those of us who couldn’t be there in person, the mix was recorded (and available for download!). Deep and hypnotic with hints of acid. this is a set not to be missed.

SKUDGE LIVE PA @ BERGHAIN | JUNE 16 2012 by Skudge

Weekend Soundtrack: PillowTalk’s “Sunny”

Best New Music: I:Cube’s “M” Megamix

I:Cube, one half of the French house duo Chateau Flight, has just released yet another fantastic album. I’m feeling slightly lazy on writing up my own review, so here’s some great words from FACT:

“M” Megamix is 24 tracks long, and the way that these tracks interact and fall into each other, with no boring intros and clotted breakdowns, is what makes the whole experience of this record so impactful. Many of them, however, stand out as worthy of individual praise: ‘Transparent Sea Creatures’ rolls out heavily reverberated breakbeats – think Shed piloting a submarine […].

Here are some of my favorite tracks:

Bajo Bajo
Transparent Sea Creatures
In Alpha
Club Miniature
Le Rocher Aux Singes

Shed’s “Power House” Goes Digital

Shed’s label Power House, which he releases under the aliases of Head High and WK7 has just recently gone digital. You may be familiar with some of his earlier releases under those names, but I’m most excited about his most recent WK7/Head High release “Rave” – both A and B sides are BOMBS.

WK7 – Do It Yourself
Head High – Rave (Dirt Mix)

Late Night Traveling Mixes

I’ve just come back from an amazing trip (and a ridiculous amount of traveling and waiting in airports). All that sitting around feeling completely jetlagged tends to make me feel crazy, and it seems to me that the only remedy is a good mix. Here’s the two mixes from mnml ssgs that kept me sane.

mnml ssgs mx30: silent servant presents ‘la segunda’: Silent Servant keeps it dark and dynamic.

SSG Special – Live, lovely and by no means skittish: Deer @ Galleria Civica Modena: a lovely organic set.

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