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Track of the Week: Kettenkarussell – New York Blues

Soothing melodies from the Giegling crew.

Daydreaming with Alex Calder

Alex Calder

Unfortunately I’ve got less time than I used to to get into the details of what I post. Fortunately, I’ve never been great at stringing adjectives together to describe the music anyways. So here are the facts, the music speaks for the rest:

Strange Dreams Strange Dreams, 2015
Strange Dreams
Out of My Head
Memory Resolve
The Morning
No Device
Life Purpose (feat. Caitlin Loney)
Mid Life Holiday


Time Time, 2013
Suki and Me
Light Leave Your Eyes
Fatal Delay

Best New Album: SHXCXCHCXSH – Linear S Decoded

It’s been way too long since I properly reviewed an entire album. That’s not to say I haven’t been listening to any albums worth posting, just that it’s becoming harder and harder to find the actual time to write. Well, here’s an album worth breaking my silence for.

SHXCXCHCXSH (an unpronounceable name that sounds like noise or a drum pattern when sounded out) are an anonymous duo hailing from Sweden. Known for blurring the lines between techno, experimental, and industrial, SHXCXCHCXSH have released their finest work yet. As RA mentions:

The LP jumps from noisy abrasion to melodic sweetness and back again, all with a determinedly off-kilter slant. The tracks even have intelligible names this time (though we’re still not sure what they’re supposed to mean).

Linear S Decoded is a warm yet abstract journey, finding harmony in blending just the right amount of noise, distortion, 4/4 kicks, ambiance and melody. It’s much softer than previous releases, though far more impactful.

1. Entering the S-Cloud
2. Drain This Lord
3. Wadin Guise
4. The Roots
5. Elocution
6. Helical Dialog
7. The Under Shore
8. The Repelling of the Quantitive Invasion
9. A Sunny Day in Ostrogothia
10. Rudimental Retreat
11. This Hmming Raverie
12. Sub Mission – The Atlantic Vision
13. Monolithic Conclusion

Track of the Week: Efdemin – Track 93

Off Efdemin’s third album Decay. “Inspired by his three month stay in Kyoto, attending ceremonies with monks at temples and visiting local instrument makers.”

Best New Music: Vril – Torus XXXII

Vril, the mysterious Giegling producer known for his dubby techno dancefloor bombs, has just released his debut LP, Torus. Needless to say, it’s phenomenal, demonstrating Vril’s expertise at creating soundscapes. Torus XXXII shows a more melodic approach – on repeat.

Best New Music: Trentemoller – Lost

Trentemoller - LostTrentemoller‘s latest album, Lost, is due for release on September 23rd on his own label In My Room. Luckily for us, the album is available to fully stream at Pitchfork. While Trentemoller has steadily moved away from his notorious minimal sound to a more conventional band setup, I’ve been following his releases less closely (especially after his second album). But Lost feels different, focusing on “rock (krautrock) textures and structures” (From RA) – Lost feels like the Trentemoller I fell in love with, just with a little more instruments. Listen to the entire album here.

Update: Track #2 “Gravity” wowowowowowow. Haven’t had the full body tingles from a track since the first time I heard Trentemoller’s “Moan.” This one’s going to be huge.

1. The Dream feat. Low
2. Gravity feat. Jana Hunter of Lower Dens
3. Still On Fire
4. Candy Tongue feat. Marie Fisker
5. Trails
6. Never Stop Running feat. Jonny Pierce of The Drums
7. River Of Life feat. Ghost Society
8. Morphine
9. Come Undone feat. Kazu Makino of Blonde Redhead
10. Deceive feat. Sune Rose Wagner of The Raveonettes
11. Constantinople
12. Hazed

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