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Mix of the Week: Beatnuts Mix

shortys_-__fulfill_the_dreamFeeling nostalgic this week and so I’ve been listening to one of the best soundtracks of all time, Shorty’s – Fulfull the Dream (1998). I’ve long since outgrown my skating days, but this is still a sick video (full video here / soundtrack listing here).

I can’t say I know too much about hip-hop, but Shorty’s captured the best of the 90s vibe. Came upon this mix below while hunting for tracks. Enjoy.

Exploring The Deep With Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction, a sub-label of Berlin’s Basic Channel, explores the deeper, more experimental side of techno, especially dub techno. I first came upon one of their tunes on a Cio D’Or mix, and had to look them up. I found a post by Graphite North, and as part of their Unseen Selectors series, they compiled a mix of Chain Reaction tunes. Extremely well done. More info, listen & download HERE.

Have Some Fünf With Ostgut Ton

Ostgut Ton, one of my favorite Techno labels, has just released their 5th anniversary compilation: Fünf. The label, which is run out of Berlin’s infamous Berghain Club/Panorama Bar, wanted something a little different than a standard compilation. They recorded a bunch of sounds inside of the club while empty, gave the sounds to the producers and told them to make a song from the sounds. The artists were given complete freedom in doing what they wanted.(You can read more about the process in RA’s interview with label boss Nick Hoppner  HERE) I managed to pick up this release on vinyl (SO expensive!) but it was definitely worth it. Here are some of my favorites:

Emika – Cooling Room
Marcel Fengler – Shiraz
Ben Klock – Wolf
Substance – Gestalts
Marcel Dettmann – Scourer
Shed – Boom Room

Berlin Afterhour 2 Compilation Released

KNM Special Marketing has just released their second edition of Berlin Afterhour: From Minimal to Techno, From Electro to House.  I’m usually pretty disappointed in compilations (aside from these few), but the 40 tracks of this release are all solid, and a good quarter are favorites. Normally I’d just post the favorites (in bold), but the list is too good to cut.

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Wake Me Up At 16:05

If you’ve been listening to any techno recently, chances are you’ve heard stuff from 1605 Records. Created by none other than Umek, 1605 is labeled as music therapy: a “unique integral researching platform for studio sound experimenting.” They’ve just released a 22 track compilation full of heavy bass driven techno – boy is it good. Here are some of my favorites:

Bugged – Crank It
Dataminions – Pounce
Lutzenkirchen – On The Dancefloor
Paul Funkee – Amenaza
Spartaque – The Music And The Monkey
Cisco Arias & Steve Parker – Underneath
Tesla & Re-Zone – Russian Railways
Ton Def – Disco Mafia
Traumer – Eilema
Umek – Enhance The Tension

Underground Volume 5

Doppelgaenger Records have just released their Underground Volume 5 compilation full of deep tech house and techno. There’s some really solid tracks on there. Here are my favorites:

WireTap – Flagellation Of Christ
Super Flu – Schooling Out
Stereojack & Daniel Boon – Barak Armany (Asem Shama Remix)
Miloton – Phonk
Mathias Schaffhauser – Kirre
Martin Eyerer & Anthony Collins (AKA Starsniff) – Manifestation (Paul Ritch Remix)
Kunststoff & Tom Rooster – Sextrack
Humantronic – Very Dangerous (Komsomol Remix)
Asem Shama – Legalize It (Dub)

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