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Preview The New Kenton Slash Demon EP

Clips of Kenton Slash Demon’s EP “Daemon” are now up on SoundCloud. I’m excited to see that one of my favorites, Axel Boman, has both B Side remixes. Get pumped for the full release this April.

A1. Daemon (Original Mix)
B1. Daemon (Axel Boman Epic Remix)
B2. Daemon (Axel Boman Dub Version)

Best New Music: Jatoma

I’ve been really getting into “enchanting electronica” lately (term from Ari Stein discussing Walls and Caribou in his review). We all love Caribou, and while Walls’ Walls didn’t get rave reviews, I’ve fallen in love with their ambient pop sound. Nearly psychedelic but with just enough beat to want to get me dancing.

Well Kompakt’s just had another great release: Jatoma’s self-titled debut full length album. While not much is known about the mysterious producers from Copenhagen (read their “bio” here), the album is astoundingly beautiful. It’s almost like Walls meets Pantha Du Prince. Listen to the album, it’s different, but oh so good. Read more

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