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Track of the Week: Kettenkarussell – New York Blues

Soothing melodies from the Giegling crew.

Track of the Week: Nthng – 1996

Track of the Week: Francis Harris – You Can Always Leave

Overcast and sensual.

Mix of the Week: Eric Cloutier – Driftwood Records Mix

A beautifully deep and dubby mix.

On Repeat: John Talabot’s DJ-Kicks Mix

John Talabot’s DJ Kicks mix was released in November of last year and I still haven’t stopped playing it. Seriously. I was coming home on the subway just last week when I got the full body tingles so badly I almost fell over (the build at 42 minutes  with Round’s “Glass” is insane). From RA (because I’m lazy): “It’s a spacious, often mesmerizing journey through his record collection that maintains his kaleidoscopic, Balearic style of house music.”

And while you definitely should check out the tracklist below (I didn’t add all the links for nothing!), you need to hear them in the mix.

North Lake – Journey To The Center Of The Sun
Pye Corner Audio – Underneath The Dancefloor
Maps – I Heard Them Say (Andy Stott Remix)
Pye Corner Audio – Zero Centre
Michael Ozone – Hetrotopia (Young Marco Remix)
Madteo – We Doubt (You Can Make It)
Harmonious Thelonious – The Grasshopper Was The Witness (Elmore Judd & Rowan Park Remix)
Tempel Rytmik – Anagrama
John Talabot – Without You (DJ-Kicks)
Axel Boman – Klinsmann
Joaquin Joe Claussell presents Residue Part One – Eno (Melodic Dub)
Bostro Pesopeo & Pional – Bonus Beats
Mara TK – Run (Moodymann Remix)
Alex Burkat – Shower Scene
Mistakes are Okay – Night Watcher
Unknown – #001
Round – Glass
Max Mohr – Old Song
Samo DJ – Tai Po Kau
Motor City Drum Ensemble – Escape To Nowhere
Paradise’s Deep Groove – Innermind
Abby – Streets (Wraetlic Remix)
DJ Jus-Ed – Turn Of The Century
Genius of Time – Juno Jam
Kron – Silikron (Jürgen Paape Remix)
Talaboman – Sideral
Pional – It’s All Over (Locked Groove Rendition)

Best New Music: Trentemoller – Lost

Trentemoller - LostTrentemoller‘s latest album, Lost, is due for release on September 23rd on his own label In My Room. Luckily for us, the album is available to fully stream at Pitchfork. While Trentemoller has steadily moved away from his notorious minimal sound to a more conventional band setup, I’ve been following his releases less closely (especially after his second album). But Lost feels different, focusing on “rock (krautrock) textures and structures” (From RA) – Lost feels like the Trentemoller I fell in love with, just with a little more instruments. Listen to the entire album here.

Update: Track #2 “Gravity” wowowowowowow. Haven’t had the full body tingles from a track since the first time I heard Trentemoller’s “Moan.” This one’s going to be huge.

1. The Dream feat. Low
2. Gravity feat. Jana Hunter of Lower Dens
3. Still On Fire
4. Candy Tongue feat. Marie Fisker
5. Trails
6. Never Stop Running feat. Jonny Pierce of The Drums
7. River Of Life feat. Ghost Society
8. Morphine
9. Come Undone feat. Kazu Makino of Blonde Redhead
10. Deceive feat. Sune Rose Wagner of The Raveonettes
11. Constantinople
12. Hazed

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