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New Mix: Karibu

“Karibu” (kah-ree-boo), Swahili for ‘welcome.’ Summer soundtrack recorded with Bobo.

1. Coma – Lora
2. Alaska – Abracadabra
3. Parallel Dance Ensemble – Shopping Cart
4. Pat and Pats – Tobago
5. PFO – Touch Me Don’t Stop
6. Session Victim – Never Forget
7. Psychemagik – What A Funky Night (Psychemagik Edit)
8. James Welsh – Air Valley
9. Crystal Waters – Gypsy Woman (Basement boy ”Strip To The Bone” Mix)
10. Kenton Slash Demon – Skydancer II
11. Alain Chamfort – Paradis (Paradis Reprise)
12. Sound Stream – Dance With Me
13. Jacques Renault – Back To You (Paradis Remix)
14. Kenton Slash Demon – Harpe
15. Yoko Duo – Blowfish (Lake People Remix)

Throwback Thursday: Pussycat – Le Chat [1983]

Goddamn I just can’t get enough Italo disco these days. So so so good! I think Bell Towers is to blame.

Throwback Thursday: Pat & Pats – Tobago [1984]

I know it’s not yet Thursday, but this song is too fucking good for me to wait.

Track of the Week: Retro/Grade – Zoid (12″ Mix)

Michael Mayer Live At Sunday Best

If you live around NYC and haven’t yet been to a Sunday Best party this summer, you’re a fool. And need to get out more. During the summer, DJs Justin Carter, Eamon Harkin and Doug Singer host an outdoor day party every Sunday during the summer from 3 to 9pm. It’s by far the most fun I’ve had at any party all year. It’s laid back, no hype, all about the music and crowd, the DJ is there on the floor with you. Everybody is stoked on partying outdoors in beautiful weather to great music. And if that’s not enough to get you out there, then maybe a listen to Michael Mayer’s vinyl set this summer will (it’s really that good).

Michael Mayer – Live At Sunday Best (May 30, 2010) by Sunday Best NYC

3 Essential Italo-Disco Tunes

While I find most Italo-Disco to be terrible, there are a few songs out there that are just absolutely timeless. Really strong synth-driven beats and surprisingly great vocals; the Italians did it right from the start.

Charlie – Spacer Woman [first heard it in a Magda – yes, the minimal queen – DJ set]
Space – Magic Fly [best music video ever]
Mr Flagio – Take A Chance [heard at a Michael Mayer summer day party set]

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