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Pan-Pot’s “Captain My Captain” Remixes

When Pan-Pot released Captain My Captain EP, I was instantly drawn to the B side track “Black Horse Down”. Well a new set of remixes has just been released and I’m really liking them (Booka Shade Remix is top):

Captain My Captain (Booka Shade Remix)
Captain My Captain (Rodriguez Jr Remix)
Captain My Captain (Daniel Stefanik Remix)

Pan-Pot Releases “Captain My Captain” EP

I’ve been waiting for Pan-Pot to release something on par (or nearly) with “Confronted“! And it’s about time! Just released on Mobilee Records, Pan-Pot’s 3 track EP is pretty awesome: the more rounded, darker techno is really what gets me, especially in my favorite “Black Horse Down” (really hope I can hear it live in the future).

Captain My Captain
Black Horse Down
Bad Photocopy of a Big Saw

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