Shifted, the ever-elusive producer has just released his first full-length titled Crossed Paths on Luke Slater’s Mote-Evolver. If you’ve been paying attention to the dubbier side of techno in the past year, you’ll no doubt be familiar with the name and Shifted’s distinct sound. His outstanding production quality elevates his songs from just “tracks” to aural journeys. As RA’s praising review puts it:

Shifted no longer appears as an outsider trying his hand at techno but a veritable heavy-hitter, and even if at over an hour it can be a little tiring, not many techno albums have tried so admirably to strike a balance between the bedroom and the nightclub without sacrificing what makes either great.

This is undoubtedly one of techno’s most important releases since Planetary Assault Systems’ The Messenger. Every new listen uncovers more layers, and I’m just getting started.

Out of Tune
Bleeding Through
Colour of the Fall
More Static