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Best New Music: The Oliverwho Factory – Take It Slow

Fantastic track from Ryan Elliott’s Panorama Bar 06 mix.

Marcel Fengler: Frantic EP

Berghain resident Marcel Fengler has just released a new EP on Ostgut Ton. It’s hypnotic techno at its finest.

6 In A Row

Shed Becomes The Traveller

Under the new moniker “The Traveller,” Shed has just released a new 12″ on Ostgut Ton. It’s fierce and dancefloor ready, with “BER” an experimental interlude. I think this needs no further introduction.


Old Favorite: Shedding The Past

I just got this album on vinyl and have fallen in love with it all over again. I’ve been a big Shed fan for a while. His distinct techno is uncompromising yet smooth and emotional, reminiscent of old-school rave  without being overly nostalgic. “Shedding The Past” received largely great reviews and was up for a potential album of the year. Techno in the album format is always quite a unique experience, for better or for worse, but this album is proof that the techno album format is here to stay. “Estrange” is a timeless track.

Another Wedged Chicken
Flat Axe
The Lower Upside Down
Slow Motion Replay
Waved Mind / Archived Document
That Beats Everything!

Have Some Fünf With Ostgut Ton

Ostgut Ton, one of my favorite Techno labels, has just released their 5th anniversary compilation: Fünf. The label, which is run out of Berlin’s infamous Berghain Club/Panorama Bar, wanted something a little different than a standard compilation. They recorded a bunch of sounds inside of the club while empty, gave the sounds to the producers and told them to make a song from the sounds. The artists were given complete freedom in doing what they wanted.(You can read more about the process in RA’s interview with label boss Nick Hoppner  HERE) I managed to pick up this release on vinyl (SO expensive!) but it was definitely worth it. Here are some of my favorites:

Emika – Cooling Room
Marcel Fengler – Shiraz
Ben Klock – Wolf
Substance – Gestalts
Marcel Dettmann – Scourer
Shed – Boom Room

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