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Throwback Thursday: mnml ssgs Mix 11 – Silent Servant [2008]

I’m not sure if 2008 qualifies for a throwback just yet, but we can make an exception as this mix is just too damn good. Recorded back in 2008 before I had any idea who Silent Servant or Sandwell District were, this mix is just as relevant 6 years later – instantly bringing my back to memories of train stations and hangovers.

Robert Hood – And Then We Planned Our Escape [Music Man]
Dmo – Movement [Ctrl.]
Sleeparchive – QCD [Sleeparchive]
Stewart Walker – 10 Years Of Anger [Force Inc. Music Works]
Jonas Bering – Untitled
Bandulu – Foundation Soundworks
Ignacio – Organa [Music Man]
Damon Wild – Unconditional [Synewave]
Function – Disaffected [Sandwell District]
Norman – Greenroom [Synewave]
G-Man – Defo [i220]
Regis – Gayscene
Marcel Dettmann – Lattice [Marcel Dettmann]
Silver & Kash – Vortex [Generations]
CH-Signal Laboratories (8003 Lucerne) – Scale 1 [Sandwell District]
Basic Channel – Q1.1/3 [Basic Channel]
Tronikhouse – Smooth Groove [KMS]
Sounders Department- Cosmopolitan (Mix 2) [Sounders Dept.]
Shed – Wax 10001-A [Wax]
Function – Reykjavik [Sandwell District]
Millsart (Jeff Mills) – Gamma Player [Axis]
Planetary Assault Systems – Kat [Mote-Evolver]
Silent Servant – Doom Deferred [Sandwell District]
Stewart Walker – Japanese Maple [Tresor]

Function’s Ember

My favorite Sandwell District man Function has just released a new EP: Ember. The distinct four tracks demonstrate Function’s strength both in and out of the club: “Descending” is a dark and hypnotic journey into the depths, whereas “Picabia” brings down the pace before leading us to the melodic interlude of “Ember (Field). The last track, “Inter” resumes the initial journey on a more hopeful note.

Ember (Field)

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