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What’s In My Shopping Cart [Part 6]

I know it’s been quite some time since I posted my shopping cart, but that’s because I’ve actually decided to stop spending money on MP3s (really a non-existent media) and go for vinyl (I’m making a transition to DJing records only). However, I still use Beatport to keep myself up to date with great tunes. Here are some bombs I’ve been hiding from you guys for a bit (and sometimes making random lists is just that much easier!):

Spektre – Mind’s Eye (Drumcell & Audio Injection Remix)
Adam Beyer – Simple Maze
Truncate – Focus (Raiz Remix)
Ascion – Mind Mapping
Ascion – 404
Monoloc & Pfirter – Trucker 2 (Ascion Remix)
D. Carbone & Ascion – Bad Bass (Brian Sanhaji Remix)
Monoloc – Nohouse
Peter Van Hoesen & Donato Dozzy – Elektra
Emptyset – Altogether Lost feat. Cornelius Harris (Chris Liebing Remix)
Itamar Sagi – One Million Oaks (Mark Broom Remix)
Kevin Gorman – 7am Stepper
Roman Lindau – Keppra
Gary Beck – Egoist
Claudio PRC – Clear Depths (Silent Servant Remix)
Slam – The Tritone
Brian Sanhaji – Top Down Wet
Brian Sanhaji – Top Down Dry
Mario da Ragnio – Tiguan
Joseph Capriati – The Gallery

Matty Heilbronn – Funky Shit (Martin Buttrich Remix)
Anita Coke & Annette Parky – Moreno
GusGus – Magnified Love
GusGus – Within You
Greenville Massive – LOST
Hector – The Troof
Hector – What The Hec?
Daniel Paul – Outa Space
Green Velvet – La La Land (Pleasurekraft ‘Sideshow’ Remix)
DJ T. – Sense feat. James Teej (Tale of Us Remix)
Tale of Us – Dark Song
App – All I Can Think About

What’s In My Shopping Cart [Part 5]

I think I am going to have to make this “shopping cart” series a temporary thing. Constantly reminding myself just how much money I am dropping on new music every time isn’t the most pleasant of experiences… Grumpiness aside, again I have some tracks worth sharing! And to entertain myself (and maybe you?) I am giving you personalized genre-defying descriptions (feel free to contribute)!


Christian Burkhardt – Stopover Goa [darker synthy rave (ware)house]
Genny G – Chicago Trust [vocal deep house whispered by a lost man]
Chris Finke – Moofish (Mark Broom Remix) [industrial techno played by banging pipes and metal]
Mathew Jonson – Marionette [cute techno that you can’t decide whether is cute or scary]
Actress – Harrier ATTK [space bubble stomping]
KINK – Detunator [lots of ants climbing on a spaceship thinking they are moving it at high speed]
Sasse – On My Mind [trotting with a pompous horse]
Leon – Like This Like That [4AM lose your mind]
Leon – Body Monster [if workout/army coaches threw awesome dance parties and gave bass massages]
John Tejada – Sucre feat. Qzen [sexy but slightly frustrating]
Luis Junior – BG [over-dramatic futuristic 80s high speed chase that’s still super dope]
Benoit & Sergio – Midnight People (Technasia Dub 2) [if only skyscrapers were made entirely of Funktion 1 speakers…]
Johanna Knutsson – Heavy Baby (Minilogue’s Cut For A Cut) [lots of round shapes]
Butch – Amelie [drunk man playing the xylophone]

What’s In My Beatport Shopping Cart [Part 4]

More tunes once again. Full of good deep and tech house! And surprisingly vocal by my standards.

Found my summer tune: Arjuna Schiks – Mahesvari
Art Department – Without You
Vincent Markowski – Dirty Capsules
Jay Haze – Take Your Hat Off (Shaun Reeves & Tale Of Us Remix)
Olibusta – Jerry’s Coiffure (Darabi Remix)
Olibusta – Red Counter
Session Victim – We Want To Thank All Of Your Friends
Julien Chaptal – Asthma Bird
Tam Cooper & Will Saul – Hi-Lo
Photonz – Plague Of The New Age (Maetrik Remix)
Pional – We Have Been Waiting For You
Roland Appel – Fleurs Du Mal
Black Van – Moments Of Excellence
Wild Beasts – Two Dancers II (Jon Hopkins Remix)

What’s In My Beatport Shopping Cart [Part 3]

My cart continues to fill once again with an eclectic mix of tunes!

Koen Groeneveld & Ahmet Sendil – Turboprop (Ahmet Sendil Mix)
Marc Romboy – The Overture (Egbert Remix)
Marco Carola – Groove Catcher (Martin Buttrich Catcher Remix)
Benoit & Sergio – Walk And Talk
Ellen Allien – The Kiss
Bass Kleph – I’ll Be OK (Superskank Remix)
Chaim & Guy Gerber – Myspace
Philippe Cam – Unicef Christmas Card
Pig & Dan – Love Song
Pig & Dan – Epic Adventure
Mins & Skreech – A Phanter

What’s In My Beatport Shopping Cart [Part 2]

And once again my shopping cart is filling up along with my credit card bills! Well, I guess it could be worse. My cart could be full of Dubstep or Deadmau5… or even worse – Pop… (I’m a snob, I know). Anyways:

Caribou – Irene
Caribou – She’s The One
Mickey Moonlight – Interplanetary Music
Mickey Moonlight – Love Pattern (Isolée Remix)
Isolée – Taktell
Robert Babicz – Mover
Robag Wruhme – Thora Vukk
Andre Lodemann – Vehemence of Silence (Motor City Drum Ensemble Perspective)
Christian Burkhardt – Doubledub
Ricardo Villalobos – 808 The Bassqueen

What’s In My Beatport Shopping Cart?

I think I have finally discovered a good way of sharing random tunes and releases: creating a periodic list of my Beatport shopping cart. Sounds easy enough right? Let’s begin.

Ramires – Evil Laugh
Mark Broom & Mihail Safras – Tru Tru (Paul Ritch Remix)
Citizen Kain & Phuture Traxx – Neglected
PRT Stacho – Mantra (Ahmet Sendil Wind of Voice Remix)
Hugo – Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy (Format:B Remix)
Spektre – Black Ice (Markantonio Remix)
Ryan Davis – Sideways

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