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Track of the Week: Blake Baxter – Get Layed

From 1987!!! What a slammin bassline.

Just Woke Up From a Nap – Friday, 10PM

It’s time to go out.

Minimal Cure for a Monday


Track of the Month!

Fashion week? No thanks, I’ll take this instead. Released in 1998 and still sounding fresh.

Old Favorite: Shedding The Past

I just got this album on vinyl and have fallen in love with it all over again. I’ve been a big Shed fan for a while. His distinct techno is uncompromising yet smooth and emotional, reminiscent of old-school rave  without being overly nostalgic. “Shedding The Past” received largely great reviews and was up for a potential album of the year. Techno in the album format is always quite a unique experience, for better or for worse, but this album is proof that the techno album format is here to stay. “Estrange” is a timeless track.

Another Wedged Chicken
Flat Axe
The Lower Upside Down
Slow Motion Replay
Waved Mind / Archived Document
That Beats Everything!

Old Find: The A to Z of Electronic Music

Back in the old days when I first started this blog on blogger, my first real post was “The A to Z of Electronic Music You Should Know.”  Now that I’m knowledgeable, mature and wise (and everything else that comes with a beard), I will call this “Alphabetized Songs That I Used To Like So Much, But Still Do, Mostly.” Some good gems in here. I hope you enjoy.

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