Soundtrack of the Summer: Caribou’s “Swim”

Released nearly 2 months ago, Swim was received with incredibly high reviews (Pitchfork labeled it as “Best new music” at an 8.4). It is “dance music that sounds like it is made out of water”. The album is short and sweet at 43 minutes: every second of those 43 minutes is thoroughly enjoyable. Turn it up, drive down the coast, dance around the pool. Do something. It’s summer – enjoy yourselves.

1. Odessa
2. Sun [favorite]
3. Kaili
4. Found Out
5. Bowls
6. Leave House
7. Hannibal
8. Lalibela
9. Jamelia

The Genius of Lawrence: The Absence of Blight

I first listened to Lawrence on Superpitcher’s Today. The opening tune, “Spark”, builds so subtly and smoothly that everything just seems to go into slowmotion. It’s funny how some of the most powerful songs are the least impressive (I guess that’s what minimal is all about huh?). I found this album earlier this week and have not stopped playing it since. Every track is incredibly beautiful: the slowly progressing melodies draw you in and the subtle drops take  you to whole new levels.

1. Neighbourhood
2. Fifteen Minutes With You
3. Shelter
4. If You Can’t Understand [favorite]
6. Last Friday
7. Colts Foot
8. Thieltes
9. Winter Green [favorite]
10. Somebody Told Me

Download Max Cooper’s Remix of “Roads”

Max Cooper’s remix of “Roads” by Portishead sounded incredible in his preview, and now we finally get the whole thing as a bonus download!

Get the song HERE thanks to IndieShuffle.com.

Max is also trying to chart this tune on Hypemachine, you can help him out here.

Pantha Du Prince Revisited

After hearing so many great things about him, I don’t know why it took me this long to discover both of Pantha Du Prince’s incredible albums: The Bliss (2007) and Black Noise (2010) [his first ablum, Diamond Daze, released in 2004, was only released on LP – to my knowledge – and I am desperately trying to find it]. His stuff is absolutely beautiful, and he’s definitely in my top 5. While you must listen to the albums in their entirety, here are some of my favorite tracks:

The Bliss

Saturn Strobe
Seeds Of Sleep

Black Noise

Lay In A Shimmer
The Splendour
Stick To My Side
Bohemian Forest
Welt Am Draht

3 Mix Compilations You Should Own

Superpitcher – Today [Kompakt, Mix]

This is the album that introduced the intelligent side of minimal to me. The blending is astounding. Play it from beginning to end – no skipping!
Top Tracks:
DJ Koze – Let’s Help Me
Oliver Hacke – 21:31
Nathan Fake – Dinamo

Fabric 13 – Michael Mayer [Fabric, Mix]

I first heard Superpitcher’s “Mushroom” on this album, and from there I was hooked. Overall it’s a very uplifting mix (the middle does get slightly dark).
Top Tracks:
Superpitcher – Mushroom
WestBam & Nena – Oldschool, Baby (Piano Mix)


Put this compilation on and try not to dance. That is all.
Top Tracks:
Marc Houle – Bay of Figs
John Acquaviva presents Swen Weber – First Stroke
Heartthrob – Golum

Trentemoller’s New Album “Into The Great Wide Yonder” Is Out!!!


I am like an excited little schoolgirl right now and I want the world to know it! Yes, I love Trentemoller. And no, I have never been more excited for an album release. I am posting this as I listen to the album, so more words to come. For now, enjoy:

1. The Mash And The Fury
2. Sycamore Feeling
3. Past The Beginning Of The End
4. Shades of Marble
5. Even Though You’re With Another Girl
6. Haexan
7. Metamorphis
8. Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!!
9. Neverglade
10. Tide

A few words about the album: The Last Resort was a perfect album. Part of its genius, and commercial success, was due to its flexibility. Blending downtempo minimal with “maximal” electro, we got the best of both worlds. “Killer Kat” and “Moan (Trentemoller Remix)” were just as good of mood setters at home as they were club bangers.

However, Into The Great Wide Yonder takes a much different approach: going with a more analog and organic sound. You will (likely) not hear any of these songs in the club.  These songs are too subtle, and require a very focused ear. Because of this, it will not reach nearly as high of a commercial success as his last album, but I can say that it will not disappoint his fans. “The Mash And The Fury” is reminiscent of Trentemoller’s remix of “Moan”, only far more subtle: the first buildup is a tease, and the second just blows you away. “Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!!” sounds like an electro remix of a Dick Dale surf guitar tune. “Past The Beginning Of The End” is an epic melodious journey, taking you to from the depths of the ocean to the highest clouds.

While this album lacks the “wow factor” of his first, I would still give it a 5/5. If you lend it the attention it requires, I think you will hear exactly how incredibly powerful the songs truly are. And in its subtlety, I have found that each replay allows me to discover new sounds, a real factor in determining a timeless album.

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